Halogenerators and technologies for professional salt rooms from creators of controlled halotherapy

  • Halogenerator "HaloCompact-01" for HaloSAUNA solution
  • Walls made with natural rock salt in salt room Halomed
  • Controllable dry salt aerosol microclimate in saltrooms Halomed

Halomed is world known name in the market of equipment and technologies for curative artificial salt rooms.

 For 23 years the Halomed Group of companies equipped more than 3300 salt rooms all around the world with the most professional halogenerators reproducing microclimate  of natural salt caves.

To our clients and partners we offer the best, the most up-to-date and reliable technologies for reproducing the curative environment of  natural salt caves inside artificial salt rooms.

Our solutions are based on 23-year experience in developments and manufacturing of the equipment for halotherapy  (halogenerators) as well as on numerous scientific researches in the field of medicine and technics.

Medical device halogenerators Halomed are TGA approved.

We don't copy technologies but create trends in therapeutic and health-improvement application of salt therapy/halotherapy.



We create trends in technologies for salt rooms and

in effecient application of salt therapy/HaloSPA

After 23 years of research works in salt aerosol' mechanisms of action and its application in aboveground salt rooms we have worked out the main principles of salt rooms’ effectiveness:

  • The main acting factor of salt rooms – is dry salt aerosol of NaCl with special parameters for realization of maximum effectiveness and suitability for different group of visitors;
  • Dosing of salt aerosol concentration and control of quality of salt aerosol by means of special aerosol concentration sensor (know-how of Halomed Group). Read what can happen to your visitors if salt environment in salt rooms is not dosed and controlled, link;
  • Separation of salt aerosol particles to provide only the particles with beneficial respirable fraction (0,5–5 micron) to be supplied into salt rooms;
  • Professional hi-tech halogenerators producing effective salt aerosol;
  • Scientific ground of effectiveness of salt aerosol's dosing  (more than 200 scientific articles and studies in collaboration with leading specialists);
  • Equipment reliability and warranty support service from the producer who has been working for many years in the market of salt room’s technologies – is the secure guarantee of successful and trouble-free operation of your salt room.

Halomed has the best knowledge in all above-listed factors due to 23 years dedication to artificial salt rooms technologies. 

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